Socially sensitive practice

In the latest issue of magazine, an article by Bartosz Nowicki titled “Praktyka społecznie wrażliwa” (Socially sensitive practice) appeared, delving into the world of field recordings. The article discusses how field recording, despite being seen as an innocent sound discipline, holds tremendous critical potential. It emphasizes that these recordings have evolved into more than just documentation; they have become a declaration of worldview. The author explores the power of field recording, comparing it to a protest song for musicians. By capturing and presenting sounds from the environment, field recordings become a means of expressing social and cultural commentary. The article sheds light on the transformative nature of this practice and encourages readers to recognize its significance as a form of artistic and social expression.

The article specifically focuses on recent developments in the Polish field recording scene. It highlights the notable achievements of artists in this field, including my recent recording of moor frogs mating calls, as an example of artistic endeavors combined with ecological awareness.

For those interested, I refer you to the full text of the article in Polish.


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