Die Luge – Retrospective Soundscape Reconstruction

This time I present a reconstruction of the acoustic landscape of the majestic Die Luge reserve, currently known as Olszyny Niezgodzkie. The recording was made almost 100 years after the publication of the following article, in the exact location described in it.

“Every visitor to Ługa is struck by the impression of a truly natural landscape. To a certain extent, it can be classified as a primitive type, indicating what the Barycz Valley might have looked like before humans settled on this land and developed civilization. No road leads through this area. One can only cross Ługa by following the raised parts of the terrain, which are only known by the forester and, as they say, a few poachers and fish thieves. Any newcomer should not attempt to venture into the depths of this natural temple without a guide, as such a risk could easily cost them their life. (…) Due to its unique beauty, rarely found in all of Germany, Ługa has been designated a nature reserve, effectively protected by its inaccessibility. Only with a special permit was I able to take a trip into the heart of these swamps, under the guidance of foresters on a flat-bottomed boat. Our boat penetrated Ługa through waterways leading between wide belts of thickets and trees; with every meter, the depth increased, and intruders were amazed by the fabulous beauty of this small piece of land.”

Richard Nitschke, „Die Luge” Schlesische Monatshefte VIII: seite 240-243, Breslau 1931


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