Category: Antropophony

Antropophony represents human generated sound from either humans, themselves, or the electro-mechanical technologies they employ.

  • Winter field recording session

    I’ve decided to record hot ten camping ambience in the cold February season on one of the forgotten peaks in the Bardzkie Mountains (Poland). Despite the average temperature hovering around -8°C (17.6°F), I was determined to create an authentic recording of this unique experience.. Preparing the camp in the old style required pulling about 50kg…

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  • Walking with SASS

    Is it possible to use a large, bulky SASS for field recordings while on the move? I decided to find out by taking some soundwalks in the busy streets of Krakow, armed with a handmade wooden SASS and a pair of AT4022 microphones, based on the design by Rob Danielson. Despite the size and weight…

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